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What is Diana’s Traveling Boutique, The Store?

Situated in Historic Downtown Plainview is a 90 year old building with a pair of beautiful, pink doors framed by two big windows on each side.  As people walk by and look up at the sign, we often hear them ask “What is Diana’s Traveling Boutique, The Store?” 

Change Your Look with Accessories

Accessories Add Personality to This Tee
How do you turn one tee into multiple outfits?  With ACCESSORIES!!!

How to Use the Spring 2018 Colors

How to Use the Spring 2018 Colors
Spring is coming!  What does that mean?  We get a whole new set of colors to play with in our wardrobes. Woohoo!

My Closet Cleaning System

My Closet Cleaning System
Is your closet full?  Mine used to be so full I could hardly squeeze my clothes onto the bar after I laundered them.  One day, it all changed!  I finally developed a system to solve my problem.

Pantone 2018 Color of the Year

I don't know if you have noticed, but every year there is a predominate color.  This is pretty much how it goes. You see it pop up as paint color i...