How to Use the Spring 2018 Colors

Spring is coming!  What does that mean?  We get a whole new set of colors to play with in our wardrobes. Woohoo!

We already discussed the Pantone color or the year.  If you missed that post read it here.  The colors for each season are planned out and affect us in much the same way.

Last month, I attended the Dallas Apparel and Accessories Market.  I carried a cheat sheet of the spring colors with me to see just how the vendors utilized them.  It was very interesting!  I noticed that the vendors fell into three categories.

The first group of vendors fully embraced the new colors.  Every single item I picked up had at least two or three of the colors.  These vendors reminded me of my customers who love the newest trends.  They aren't afraid to take chances and always want to look totally up to date.

The second group of vendors used a bit of the spring colors. Some of their items incorporated one of the new colors within a print.  Others were traditional cuts for their brand in a solid print in a spring color.  These vendors are like my customers who want to test the water.  They add little bits of new trends to their existing wardrobes.  They don't want to look out of style, but they also don't want to look too trendy.

The third group of vendors completely ignored the new colors. They stayed with what worked for them in the past.  They had new patterns or new slogans but did not utilize the spring colors.  These vendors represent my customers who have their own style.  They update their wardrobe each season with items that work seamlessly with pieces they already own.  They prefer a classic look.

So, what are the trendy new spring colors?  Let me show you!

Spring 2018 Colors 

In addition to these, Pantone introduced a set of core classic colors that carry you from season to season.

Spring 2018 Transitional Colors

How do you incorporate all of these colors in your wardrobe?  Any way you want!  The possibilities are endless.  Grab a solid top in a new color and wear it with your existing pants and kimono.  Pick out trendy new shoes and a matching purse.  Dive in and get a multi color floral top and a pair of capris in one of the matching spring colors.  Snag some great new jewelry to accessorize your favorite pieces.  Pick one idea or do it all.  There are no wrong choices. The main thing is to try something new and feel great wearing it!

Which color is going to be your favorite?  Tell us in the comments!

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