My Closet Cleaning System

Is your closet full?  Mine used to be so full I could hardly squeeze my clothes onto the bar after I laundered them. Then, I struggled to pull out the clothes I needed each morning. Inevitably, several items would come out at once, and the ones I didn't need fell to the floor. It was so frustrating! I knew that I had too many clothes, but I had no idea which ones to weed out.  In my mind, I had paid for these clothes, and I should be wearing them. One day, it all changed!  I finally developed a system to solve my problem.

Here are the steps to my system:

  1. Place a marker in your closet. My marker was a different style of hanger than I generally use. You could use an empty hanger with a ribbon tied to it or anything else you can easily see. Put it at the far left of your clothing. I have several sections of clothing and several bars of clothing, so I put a hanger in front of each group.
  2. Each time you hang clean clothing in your closet, put them on the left side of your marker, separated from the rest of your clothing.
  3. At the end of each season, pull out the items that you did not wear. You will know which ones they are because they are still on the right side of your marker.
  4. Move the marker back to the left of your clothing and begin the process again.

Once I started going through my unused clothing, I had to make some judgment calls. Why had I not worn the clothing?  There were clothes that were too small or too large.  I decided not to keep most of them.  There were some clothes that were too lightweight or too heavy for the weather we had experienced that season.  I kept almost all of those to see if I would wear them in the right weather.  The majority of the rest were clothes that just didn't make me feel good about myself when I wore them. They were not good colors for me, the shapes weren't flattering, or they just didn't fit my style. I got rid of them. The final few were pieces of clothing that I liked and typically wore but just hadn't since I started my system. I decided to let them stay a while longer.

So, what did I do with the culled clothing?  I gave it all away.  Many people have great success selling their clothing. Personally, I wanted to bless people in need.  What you choose to do with your clothing is up to you.  I will pass no judgment on your decision. Everyone is different!

Now that I have done this for a year, I have found that I am happier when I look in my closet.  My clothes are easy to find, they look good on me, and I feel fabulous wearing them!

Do you have a great system that you use?  Share it with us in the comments!

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  • My system is moving so often you only keep what you truly love. LOL You have a great system, it’s very good advice.


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