About Diana's Traveling Boutique

I began Diana’s Traveling Boutique in 2013. At that time, the inventory consisted of caps, jewelry, purses, and scarves.  My first sale was at a small 10x10 both at a local arts and crafts event, and it was a huge success! 

I started attending every indoor event I could find. With each successful weekend, the boutique grew.  I branched out into shoes, belts, and more accessories.  I added plus size clothing, then regular size clothing, and finally children’s clothing.  By 2015, it barely fit inside a 10x30 space, and even with several people helping me, it was taking up to five hours to set up at each event. 

I had clearly outgrown the booths, so I came up with another plan.  My husband and I built a boutique truck in 2016. We put in various areas to display all of the items I sold, a dressing room, and a checkout counter.  It turned out exactly as I had envisioned it! 

I started attending outdoor events and continued attending the indoor ones, as long as my truck could drive inside them. Everywhere I went, people asked me if I had a website so they could continue shopping with me after I left their town.  It was such a great idea, that I created DianasTravelingBoutique.com in 2017.

I was finally able to fulfill a long time dream in April of 2018 when I added a storefront to the business.  Diana’s Traveling Boutique was at 707 Broadway in Plainview, Texas.  

Sadly, I had to close the storefront in the fall of 2019 due to a serious health crisis.  However, I have been able to maintain the website and boutique truck portion of my business as I heal.

Diana’s Traveling Boutique Storefront

Thanks for learning about Diana’s Traveling Boutique. Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, then find your perfect wardrobe pieces at DianasTravelingBoutique.com !