Diana's Traveling Boutique Truck



What is a boutique truck? 

It is it a store on wheels that can come right to you!  Specificly, my boutique truck is a renovated Twinkie truck that now has a dressing room, clothing racks, jewelry displays, shelves for caps and shoes, a scarf bar, and more! You walk inside and shop just like you do at other stores.  Mine just changes locations.  I typically travel within the Texas panhandle and set up at all kinds of events.


Can the truck come to my house? 

Sure, I love doing home parties!  I can set the truck up right in your driveway.  Your friends shop, and you earn 10% of the sales as a gift certificate to use in my truck.


Can the truck come to my business? 

Yes, it can!  I just have to have permission from the owner of the business.


I work at a school.  Can you set up there? 

Affirmative, I have set up at several schools as a Teacher Appreciation type event.  I do require permission from the superintendent first.


Where else does the truck go? 

I have been to trade days, swap meets, arts & crafts festivals, town celebrations, fundraisers, and other vendor events.  If you want to know where I will be next, be sure to follow my Facebook Page and join my VIP Group.


How do I arrange for you to come to my home, business, school, or event?

Jump over to the Contact page and shoot me an email!  I will get back to you ASAP.