Pool Party Matte Hotline Hair Ties

Pool Party Matte Hotline Hair Ties

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The Pool Party Matte Set comes with these colors:

- blue matte hair tie
- coral matte hair tie
- yellow matte hair tie


Hotline Hair Ties are a great replacement for elastic hair bands!

* Comfortable 

* Strong

* Shrinkable

* Antibacterial 

* Fashionable 

* No Headaches 

* No Hair Damage

* No Hair Creases


While the elasticity of Hotline Hair Ties make it perfect for not only comfortably fitting around your wrist but also stretching over the perfect messy bun, it also causes the tie to slightly stretch after prolonged use.  Simply run your Hotline Hair Tie under hot water or place it into a bowl of hot water to cause the material to shrink to its original size.